Price Guide

For pricing, we take into account the cake, its frosting (with a choice of fondant or buttercream), complexity of style and design, and the numbers of servings. Each of our cakes is prepared with 2 layers of French Vanilla, Devil Food or Decadent Red Velvet.

All cakes are filled and frosted with buttercream (Choice of flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Truffle, Cream Cheese, Espresso, or Peanut Butter. Ganache, chocolate mousse or fruit mousse fillings are available at an additional cost.)  We are not limited to the flavors listed.

Decorating will vary according to which icing/frosting is chosen. When choosing rolled fondant, the decorating ideas are limitless. This choice is typically more expensive as a lot of labor goes into creating a perfectly smooth and even canvas for perfect cake decorating options, as well as tinting and coloring. With buttercream, the best choices are fresh flowers, piped borders, or decorative ribbon around each tier.  Although buttercream is delicious, it is not often recommended for summer events or weddings, as the buttercream needs to be kept in a cool area to prevent melting.

The size of the cake is the biggest factor that controls the cost in the end.  For wedding cakes, 2-tier and 3-tier cakes are pretty standard with finger-sized portions. The larger the cake or the more complex the design, extra measures and time goes into the securing the structure.

Basic Wedding Cake Price Guide
Round 2 Tier Cake Round Tier CakeRound 4tier cake  

   Number of Servings

   Round Tier Cakes

   Average Prices*

         up to 30 guests

         2 tier: 6 & 8”

     $180. (6. ea)

         up to 50 guests

         2 tier: 6 & 10”

     $300. (6. ea)

         up to 75 guests

         3 tier: 6, 8 & 10”

     $487. (6.50 ea)

         up to 100 guests

         3 tier: 6, 10 & 12”

     $650. (6.50 ea)

         up to 125 guests

         3 tier: 6, 10 & 14”

     $812. (6.50 ea)

         up to 150 guests

         3 tier: 6, 10 & 16"      $975. (6.50 ea)

         up to 170 guests

         3 tier: 6, 12 & 16"      $1,105 (6.50 ea)

         up to 200 guests

         4 tier: 6, 8, 12 & 16"      $1,400. (7. ea)

Square 2 tier cakeSquare tier cake    Square 4 tier cake   
   Number of Servings

   Square Tier Cakes

   Average Prices*

         up to 50 guests

         2 tier: 6 & 8”

     $300. (6. ea)

         up to 68 guests

         2 tier: 6 & 10”

     $408. (6. ea)

         up to 105 guests

         2 tier: 8 & 12”

     $630. (6.50 ea)

         up to 140 guests

         3 tier: 6, 10 & 12”

     $910. (6.50 ea)

         up to 175 guests

         4 tier: 6, 8, 10 & 12”

     $1050. (7 ea)


Our more common wedding cake, vanilla sponge cake with vanilla frosting the price per slice starts around 5.50 per slice. For each additional tier $.50 is added per slice. Each cake is covered with thin sheet of fondant, with each tier tied in ribbon. Any floral decoration is tied into the floral design and colors of the wedding.

Basic Birthday Cake Price Guide

   Number of Servings

   Round Cake

   Average Prices*

            4-8 guests


            $45. ($60. with fondant)

            8-15 guests


            $60. ($75. with fondant)

            15-20 guests


            $75. ($90. with fondant)

Cup Cake Price Guide
Our cupcakes are priced depending on the flavors, frosting and decoration chosen. Baked in a variety of flavors such as French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Lemon, each cake is adorned with a swirl of decadent buttercream in the flavors of Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Truffle, Espresso, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese and Nutella. Each individual cupcake typically starts at $2.00 and are only sold by the dozen.

*prices do not include sales tax.

Delivery Charges may apply.
Please feel free to contact us at: Matt@VintageCakery.com  or 917-803-4961
for personal requests or specifics.

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